Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vince Has A Question For Some Wisconsin 12th District Republicans

Vince, I have the same question!

I see this in the Tomahawk Leader and also at News of the The second 12th District Republican County Chair to want to throw their name in the hat for a run against Jim Holperin. You can read about Kevin Barthel here.

Tomahawk Leader Newspaper - Tomahawk WI:

Lussow to run for Senate seat

Lincoln County Board Chair Bob Lussow, Tomahawk, on Friday announced his candidacy for the State Senate District 12 seat currently held by Jim Holperin, who faces a recall. 'I'm in this because I'm tired of the negligence, the posturing, and the pussyfooting around the real
issues faced by our communities. Put another way, I'm done with the dishonesty,
disingenuousness and outright disregard for the people of this district and this state,' he stated. 'I've been a pilot for almost 50 years, so situational awareness - the ability to assess everything that is happening around you and plot the best course of action -is second nature to me. I believe I can bring that kind of direction to this district. I've served on the Lincoln County Board for 11 years, as its chairman since 2008. I've never done anything but tell it like it is. I've won some and I've lost some but no matter what, I did my duty and gave the best I had in me every single day. The record speaks for itself. My promise is only this;
Sound thought. Straight talk. Strong action.'

Look for more in the May 17 Tomahawk Leader."

Now I understand, you, I or anyone has the choice to run against Jim Holperin for being a fleebagger but it seems Kim Simac did a lot of work to get the recall done. I think she has the backing of the people of the 12th. How would she get 23,000 recall signatures if she is not a capable candidate?  She is right on the issues and has the backing of the people in the 12th. 

I wonder if the republican party is trying to splinter the vote to keep Holperin in office? Since Reince Priebus left Wisconsin, is there a disconnect between the republican party and conservatives in northern Wisconsin. It seemed Reince worked together with all people including tea party people in Wisconsin to take back the state of Wisconsin. Did we all forget what he did last November? Are we all not in this together to get Jim Holperin replaced? I don't know Mr Lussow, he is probably a fine man but why all of a sudden he wants to throw his hat in the ring when he knows Kim Simac is already running? How many other Republican County Chairs will throw their name in? 

Just seems like a concerted effort by the republican party to help Holperin. I know Tom Tiffany and Jeff Mursau are not running so what is going on? Maybe the republican party of Wisconsin only want certain voters and the heck with the rest of the people who voted for Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and the rest who were a part of the republican landslide of 2010. 

What the heck is really going on out there? Let's pull together to replace Holperin in the Wisconsin 12th Senate District. 

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