Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kevin Barthel Considering Run Again Holperin

I received this concerning the upcoming Wisconsin 12th Senate District. It was also sent to area papers by Kevin.  


As Spring finally hits the North Woods and especially in Oconto County where
the ‘row-crops meet the tree-tops’, it is important to remember what we all
went through in mid February and early March as a result of the Democrat
Senator’s abandoning their jobs and turning their back on their constituents.

Two Democrat Senator representing Oconto County, Senator Jim Holperin
and Senator Dave Hansen, fled the State to avoid doing their job. In my
opinion – and I believe the majority of the people in northern Wisconsin – this
was a childish act and any words Senator Holperin and Senator Hansen say
to deflect or condone their behavior is nonsense. Although they continue to
say, that they were ‘stalling the vote on Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill’,
is this what we elect Senators for? Stalling? Their job is not to run away from
a debate, but rather to defend their point and debate it. The Democrat
Assembly Members debated hard – because of special interest, the Democrat
Senators did not defend their point or even bother to show-up for the debate.

As I said when I filed suit against Senator Holperin in Oconto County Court
asking the Judge to immediately force him to return to do his job and
represent the people of the 12
District: ‘in the northwoods, anyone fortunate
to have a job does it under the rules of employment or they quit or get fired”. It
is clear that Senator Holperin broke the rules of the Wisconsin Senate – this
was confirmed by the Oconto County Judge. Do we want Senator Holperin to
get a pass on this? I doubt it. Do you get a pass if you don’t show up for work
in Antigo, Eagle River, Peshtigo or Oconto? Of course not – why does he, or
Senator Hansen?

Now, as a result of circumstances and legislative actions in Madison, Senator
Holperin is back at work in Madison. Ashamed, I would suppose, of his
fleeing to Illinois and having to run against his decision in a Recall Election.
My name has been circulated as a possible Candidate in an eventual 12th
Senate District Recall Election running as a Republican Candidate against
Senator Holperin.

I will say first; as a fiscal conservative I do not like recalls as they are
inefficient, cost money, waste people’s time and resources and confuse
voters. Second, Elected Officials regularly come up for re-election and can be
replaced at that time by the will of the Voters. However, this being said,
because of recall activities by both Democrats and Republicans we face
an electoral reality – frankly because of the actions of Senator Holperin. He
brought this on himself.

I am definitely and actively considering running as Senator for State Senate
District 12 as a challenge to Senator Holperin. According to the rules, the
Government Accountability Board (GAB) must certify signatures on Recall
Petitions. Therefore, the GAB should be given time to complete their job and
once they have an official decision, I will have a formal announcement.

One last point; as a response to my Motion in Oconto County Court against
Senator Holperin’s action, he said, this was one of "many tactics designed to
coax (Democrats) into returning." Senator Holperin, it was not a tactic. You
simply failed to fulfill your sworn oath and duty as a State Senator to your
constituents in the 12th District and I simply called you on it.

Kevin Barthel
Republican Party of Oconto County
Lakewood, Wisconsin


Avanell McLucas said...

I am in full support of Senator Holperin's efforts to allow working class citizens an opportunity to view the bill that was being rushed through the Senate and Assembly without any debate. The actions of Senator Holperin and other courageous Senators allowed this to happen. They were doing their job and that was to represent their constituents. No,I am not a union member, a teacher or any other public employee affected by Governor Walker's actions. I am a 59 year old woman retired on disability!

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Avanell, thank you for visiting my blog.

I have a question, how can you be retired and on disability? So you can't work and that's why you are on disability? Are you retired and that's why your not working or are you working, retired and on disability? You must be one of those who know how to beat the system? Please help me out here.

But hey, more power to you, good for you.

Have a GREAT week, thanks again for the visit.