Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We're In Good Hands With Reid Ribble,

"Properly defined, subsidies and deductions are as different as apples and oranges.

That hasn’t stopped President Obama, Democrats in Congress and even some Republicans from semantic infiltration. For example, Rep. Reid J. Ribble, a first-term Wisconsin Republican, fell into the rhetorical trap when he called deductions for oil companies a “federal subsidy” just last month.

His statement takes us to another important point: Many lawmakers routinely accuse oil and gas companies of dodging their “fair share” of taxes even though those U.S. companies use the same tax provisions that are available to all U.S. manufacturers." Source: Debunking the big-oil subsidy myth - Washington Times

Sure glad Mr Ribble knows what he is talking about. We are in good hands with Reid. What's next, People don't have a right to own guns? Somebody please give him some help!

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