Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mitten's Too Busy To Debate, Huh!

"Donald Trump may have mastered the art of the real-estate deal, but when it comes to debates, he’s still an apprentice.

From National Journal: VIDEO Obama's Oops: President Confuses Texas and Kansas ANALYSISWhat the Unemployment Drop Really Means SPACE Planet Found that Might Sustain Life The celebrity businessman is having difficulty securing commitments from Republican presidential candidates for a Dec. 27 debate that he’s planning to moderate in Des Moines, Iowa.

Mitt Romney became the latest big-name candidate to send his regrets, telling Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that he informed Trump earlier on Tuesday that he would be too busy to appear. Romney noted that he already is planning to participate in two previously scheduled debates in Iowa this month." Source: GOP Candidates to Trump Debate: You’re Fired - Walt Cronkite - NationalJournal.com

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