Sunday, December 04, 2011

Scrooge Is Alive and Well In The Main Stream Media

"FOX News Chicago anchor Robin Robinson found herself on viewers' naughty list after saying Santa Claus doesn't exist during a live broadcast. "There's no Santa," Robinson said bluntly. "Santa is a symbol of the generosity of the season. You go sit on his lap and we'll take a picture, but he's not coming down the chimney, he's not eating those cookies, he's not bringing you anything." Her comment followed a story by her co-anchor Bob Sirott about families' declining incomes making it harder to buy expensive gifts for their children on Santa's behalf." Source: What do you tell your kids about Santa Claus? - Your Community
What do you expect from the media? They are shills for the demcrats and unions. They only report what they want you to know and now they say there is no Santa Claus. SHILLS!

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