Monday, December 12, 2011

Ron Johns Running For Senate Leadership Position.

Ron Johnson is running for a senate leadership position and Heritage Action For America asks him some questions about him and what he stands for. If we want to change what is going on in Washington we need to change who is running Washington. Go Ron Johnson.
"Questions with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) December 11, 2011 by Ashe Schow Leave a Comment Print This Heritage Action: Why are you running for a leadership position? How would you advance conservative principles if elected to that position? And more broadly, what is your vision for the country? Sen. Johnson: I spent 31 years building a successful manufacturing business and raising my family in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  I had no ambitions to seek elective office, and until I ran for Senate in 2010, had never even been to Washington, D.C.   As our founders envisioned, I am a citizen legislator with a background in accounting and a lifetime of experience operating within the private sector.   I understand budgeting, how the private sector really works, and how jobs and general prosperity are created.  I have a real world understanding of how government regulatory, and tax and spending policies, impact small to medium sized businesses and the greater economy.   I am running for Conference Vice Chair because I believe it would be helpful to have that experience and perspective at the leadership table." Source: Questions with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) 
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