Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wisconsin, A Waste Of Time

From the Shawano Leader. Comments are from Jack Riopelle, president of Riopelle and Associates, a strategic planning consulting firm in Green Bay.
"“Washington and Madison are not the solution,” Riopelle said. “They are the problem. We as citizens are the solution. We, the leaders of our community, must take responsibility for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.”

Riopelle said state and federal government are typically barriers to economic development and job creation.

“We must grow our own,” he said.

Riopelle opened by painting a stark picture of the current economic and political climate.

“Our nation has experienced unprecedented change, great uncertainty and even fear,” he said. “We experienced a virtual meltdown of the financial system, a global recession unlike any in our history, an unprecedented increase in federal government spending and an addictive dependency on excessive debt.

Riopelle said economic development and job creation were the only means for recovery, but he said the state can only be counted on to discourage such efforts.

“Wisconsin is known for its cheese, the Packers, our great work ethic, but extraordinarily high taxes, oppressive regulations and an unfriendly state government,” he said.

“Don’t assume we can attract out-of-state businesses to move from their current location to Shawano County. Our state’s reputation as a high tax and business-unfriendly state are two huge impediments to entice companies to relocate from another state to Wisconsin,” Riopelle said.

Riopelle also suggested attempts to attract businesses to locate to Shawano County may be a waste of time."

Where is the rest of the MSM on this?

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