Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Leader Of Conservative T V

From the Chicago Tribune.

"So, Roger Ailes, how are things?

"With Fox News, great," Ailes said by phone Tuesday. "With my job and my life, pretty good. With America, not quite as good."As the chairman and chief executive of Fox News Channel gave a rare interview, a single scene was playing out live on each of the half-dozen TV screens before him: President Barack Obama was speaking before signing his historic health care bill."
Roger Ailes: Interview with Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes -

Wow,I wonder if Ailes wrote a autobiographies? It would be worth to read.
Ailes is also chairman of the Twentieth Television and Fox Television Stations, which includes the Chicago duopoly of WFLD-Ch. 32 and WPWR-Ch. 50. As head of the station group, he'll be part of the decision whether Fox Broadcasting will sign former "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien. The move will hinge in part on whether it can be cost-effective.

"We all like Conan," Ailes said. "It's an arithmetic problem."

Conan on a right wing network? Looks like he will go to # 1.
Ailes knows the game as well as anyone. He's worked on TV shows for Mike Douglas and Rush Limbaugh. He was a political strategist for a string of Republicans beginning with Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential run. He knows about message, medium and the masses.

When it comes to Fox News, he insists viewers know what they're getting and are better at separating the opinion from reporting than critics complain.

"People who watch news are pretty smart. Most of them don't just go to one channel for all their news anyway," Ailes said. Most people "will select the place that's the most comfortable, and they will retain the information they're the most comfortable with. But undecideds, people who are smart, tend to float around, look, listen. ... They're very perceptive."

It's no wonder that the left wing media have their financial necks just barely above water.

Way to go Roger Ailes, hero of the conservative people of this country.

By the way Roger, if you need a new employee who can do valuable work at Fox News, please contact me. 

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