Sunday, March 21, 2010

The New Dr. Death In Michigan, Bart Stupak

Move over Dr Jack" Kevorkian, let us welcome Bart Stupak. You in Upper Michigan have to be proud of him.
From Yahoo News.
"Any formerly pro-life Democrat who casts a 'Yes' vote for this Senate health care bill tonight will be forever remembered as being among the deciding votes which facilitated the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade."

"Mr. Stupak and his Democrat followers have now clarified that you cannot be pro-life and be a Democrat. If abortion was truly their biggest issue, they wouldn't willfully align themselves with the Party of Death.""
Schlafly: Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the 'Pro-Life Democrat' - Yahoo! News

Michigan's Bart Stupak votes for and accepts abortion of the unborn.

God, please forgive him.

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