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Obey Out, Kagen's Strings Held Tight

A good read from Lakeshore Laments on Obey.

You have to give Duffy his due. But then what do you expect from a conservative.

"4) Kagen Must Really Be Scared Now.

Admittedly, this demand by Marc Savard for Kagen to follow Obey's lead and resign from Congress is about the dumbest thing I've read today, but the adding on from a number of 8th Congressional campaigns (WisPolitics links to press releases by Trager and Ribble) is just a reminder to Kagen that it's going to be a tough year for Democrats on the Congressional level.

When you have Dave Obey bailing on re-election, what does it say about Kagen's chances?" Obey to Retire
Also in his post, interesting take (links) from some of the candidates in the 8th press releases about Obey and Kagen. .

WisPolitics has a Trager's press release.
"“People all over the state of Wisconsin are unhappy and that includes the 8th District,” said Dr. Trager. “The political climate is changing, and Kagen should realize now more than ever that people want real change in Washington and not the same politics as usual.”"

Trager has it right "people want real change."

WisPolitics press release from Ribble.

"Ribble Campaign: Obey’s departure signals time to “clean the House” in Wisconsin

Contact: Kerry Niemcek
(920) 257-9746

The following statement can be attributed to Reid Ribble, candidate for the 8th Congressional District:

“Today, Congressman David Obey announced his retirement after more than 40 years in the House. His decision marks a major sea change in both Wisconsin and in Washington. Perhaps the Congressman realized that the voters were no longer interested in massive health care reform packages, or cap-and-trade proposals, or so-called stimulus plans. They definitely are not supportive of our $14 trillion deficit. “To Congressman Obey, I bid adieu: There is a very qualified candidate ready to take up the mantle and represent northern Wisconsin for you. “To Congressman Kagen, I say this: If you are willing to follow the liberal lead of Obey in Washington, perhaps you should consider following him into retirement. It’s time to ‘Clean the House.’”

Ribble is a Kaukauna-area small businessman who has raised more than $250,000 in his bid to sweep Dr. Steve Kagen out of the House. "

First, what's this? "Following statement can be attributed to Reid Ribble." Is this from Ribble or not from Ribble? Attributed? Two, correct on reasons of 'massive health care reform packages, or cap-and-trade proposals, or so-called stimulus plans."
Third, what does the $250,000 have to do with Obey, Kagen, and the future of the 8th?

WisPolitics press release from Savard

Savard Campaign: 8th congressional candidate Marc Savard calls for Rep. Steve Kagen to step down

Contact: Kerry Geocaris, Media Relations Coordinator
(920) 265-7883

Green Bay, WI – Republican candidate Marc Savard calls on Democratic Representative Steve Kagen to follow in the footsteps of Congressman David Obey and step down. The Democratic chairman of the House Appropriations Committee announcement that he will not seek re-election is welcoming news as the Tea Party movement has scored another victory in the effort to restore power to "We the People". The overwhelming majority of Representative Obey's constituents have disagreed with his votes in the last 1 1/2 years since President Obama took office.

"In the same way the overwhelming majority of Representative Steve Kagen's constituents are fed up with his similar voting record. Therefore, Congressional candidate Marc Savard calls on Representative Kagen to consider doing the same thing Congressman Obey has done, not seek re-election. “The overwhelming sentiment in the 8th Congressional District is for real change, the type of change my campaign has been talking about since the beginning,” says Savard. The leader of the Tea Party movement in Wisconsin has been building a strong campaign that is focused on returning power to the people, where our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

Savard was the first Republican to announce his candidacy for the 8th Congressional District election in 2010. He is known as the Tea Party candidate and organized the two Green Bay rallies where more than 1,000 attended. For more information on Marc Savard, head to To schedule an interview with Marc Savard, please call Kerry Geocaris at (920) 265-7883."

Calls on Kagen to retire, yea, I had the same thought when I heard of Obey. Like that will happen.

Pelosi has Kagen's strings held pretty tight. She won't let him leave even if he wants to.

Yes Marc, we all agree we need change.

"Tea party leader?" The tea party has no leader. The tea party is a movement, It is average people "MAD as HELL" and will not take it anymore. Those that attended the two tea parties in Green Bay appreciate Marc's help but they did not go because they were looking for a leader.  Most who went in the past, or those that will attend future rallies never really attended something like that before. They are standing up for their beliefs, their God given rights in this country and want change in politics from both parties.

I will admit in 2009 I was looking at a third party. I was wrong. What I am looking for is a conservative candidate. I need to stop there, don't get me going. Back to the press release. 

I thought Marc announced running in 2009? What's with 2010?

Again I know it's his press release but please stop with the "Tea Party candidate", you might insult the intelligence of the tea party movement people. Let me leave it at that.

Can't find a press release from the McCormick Campaign. If anyone does see one, please let me know.

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