Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bunker Get's Rain

It's been real dry up here.
Received 1/2 in of rain, thank You Lord.

Thank God, no significant damage and no life lost with the storm that went through the valley last night. The bunker lost power for two hours. Time to pick up extra "C" batteries for the radio.

Need to look into this bad boy.

Generac provides peace of mind for homeowners with 24/7 automatic power protection from blackouts whether you are home or away. Back up preselected circuits or the whole house within seconds of a power outage. Permanently installed. Runs on LP or natural gas. Includes prewired, prepackaged, 16-circuit automatic transfer switch for easy installation. , 5-ft. and 2-ft. prewired conduits Flexible fuel line connector Outdoor connection box Composite mounting pad UL listed Standby generators require installation involving permanent outdoor placement, electrical wiring and fuel source connections. We recommend the use of a trained professional for

Not sure if the $4000. 00 expense plus installation is worth the investment. Need to fill the ammo box first.

Update. Does anyone have a generator unit set up at their home?

How much LP or Nat Gas does it use when it runs?

Can anyone give me information or a contact info for how much hooking one up would run.

I was looking at Generac because they are from Wisconsin. Any others companies I can look at?

Any help would be appreciated.

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