Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lady In Balck, Sexy But Cruel

Like a sexy gal in a black nightie, the closer you get the more excited you get. Then when you get real close, "BAM" you hit the wall. Sorry, I was talking about Darlington Raceway. As they call her the lady in black.

In yesterday's cup practice, I think seven cars hit the wall and had to go to back up cars. In last nights Nationwide race Hamlin pulled it out in the end. If what happened Friday night is any indication, Saturday night at Darlington should be worth the seat you sit in.


"This week, weakness may well be your strength.

Darlington Raceway has a tendency to separate the fainthearted from the racers and it did not earn the nickname "The Track Too Tough to Tame" without reason. Its very nature will help you select a profitable roster. This track is not for the faint of heart. With an ideal groove that is located about 2 feet outside of the track, drivers have to settle for the second-best way around the course, which is 1 inch from the retaining wall.

Drivers who misjudge once usually miss the groove multiple times and fall back through the pack. Drivers who succeed go on to have very profitable careers.

Running well at Darlington requires precision and that is typically earned only by logging laps on this rough old track. As tough as she can be, however, the Lady in Black is often predictable; and when a driver wins her affection, he develops a long-term relationship. This week, six drivers enter the weekend with at least four consecutive top-15s and one other driver has a worst result of only 16th during that span."
NASCAR.COM - Darlington has all makings of Johnson, Gordon scrum - May 5, 2010

As Larry might say, "buckle in and pull those belts straps tight, were going racing at Darlington.

Did I tell you the "OLD MAN" is starting fifth.

As Owen would say,


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