Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No, Not Queen Nancy

Jo at FoxPolitics has a question.

Pelosi disengenuous?

Is Pelosi just a bit disingenuous here?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is renewing her call on committee chairmen to take a more active role in chipping away at the federal budget, part of a broader attempt to demonstrate that Democrats are serious about fiscal discipline.

Pelosi sent her chairmen a letter on Wednesday asking all of them to "redouble your efforts in conducting oversight of all aspects of federal spending and government operations to help achieve deficit reduction and long-term fiscal responsibility." This is the third time the Speaker has written the committee heads on this topic since early last year.

Saying that "more work needs to be done to reduce the deficit and restore accountability,” Pelosi asked each House chairman to send her back a letter, by May 28, outlining any oversight hearings already held or planned for this session that are “intended to scrutinize departments, agencies, and programs under your jurisdiction."

Jo Egelhoff, FoxPolitics.net"
 FoxPolitics.net - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

Wonder if her puppet Steve Kagen received a letter to help reduce the budget, oh yea, he not a chairman. That's right, Nancy pulls the strings and Steve follows her command.  

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