Friday, October 09, 2015

What Is Scott Walker Waiting For

 What is Wisconsin Governor waiting for? Who is Scott Walker trying to impress? The Media? The democrats?

WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL STOUGHTON — Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday he may appoint a new justice to the state Supreme Court this week.

Walker said he interviewed the three applicants on Wednesday for an opening on the state’s highest court after the death of Justice N. Patrick Crooks on Sept. 21. 

Read more at the Green Bay Press Gazette.

First, former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle would of appointed someone with in days of the Justice being buried. And the media would be praising Doyle for making the decision so fast and appointing a liberal left judge that he wanted. Oh, that's right, Doyle appointed Louis B. Butler back in2004.

And why is Walker interviewing two other people for the opening on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Just appoint Rebecca Bradley. What is he waiting for?

Walker screwed up his presidential aspirations and now looks like he is messing up being Governor of Wisconsin.

As Walker has told everyone, he was elected three times in four years. The people who put him in office want him to do what they elected him to do.

How shall we say this, Gov. grow a pair or crap and get off the pot!!!!!!

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