Tuesday, October 06, 2015

McDonalds All Day Breakfast Not What You Think

If you go to McDonald's and they are now serving all day breakfast items, shouldn't you have the choice of their morning breakfast menu? 

The long-awaited menu for breakfast fans will vary by location. For those who love McGriddle sandwiches, you're out of luck. That item isn't a part of the all-day breakfast menu in any markets, so you'll be skipping on those 450 to 570 calories. Bagel sandwiches, cinnamon melts and "Big Breakfast" platters aren't included in the all-day menu either. 

See more at ABC News.

Is this false advertising? If they say all day breakfast, shouldn't they offer all their breakfast items? Shouldn't they advertise limited breakfast items served all day? What would Ray Kroc say or do?

Where's my bagel steak and onions sandwich?

Guess we go to Hardee's or Burger King for breakfast.

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