Monday, October 17, 2011

Media Created It's Own Problems

A story from the president of the National Newspaper Association, 
A Minnesota voice for newspapers nationwide at a challenging time | West Central Tribune | Willmar, Minnesota
Newspapers are often the lone voice in calling for governmental transparency. Community newspapers take on the responsibility of gathering and printing the news that informed citizens need to know, not just the attention-getting stuff that is often more entertainment than real news. You won’t find citizen bloggers attending city council meetings on a regular basis, he noted.
So why are the newspapers in the media having problems with circulation and income levels dropping? I understand what newspapers are up against but most, not all newspapers created their own problems. 
From the above paragraph Mr. Anfinson admits part of the fault. Even though community and local papers attend city council meetings and bloggers don't, local newspapers generally do not tell the whole story, omit important items in local news and slant their views towards the ploitical party they believe in. Seems most have a political slant for left, liberal, democrat politicians. 

Reasons are too many to mention but since someone will question me on my comments here are a few.Did the MSM report people protesting in Madison this past spring that most were from out of state? When a heavy rain hit Milwaukee, Why will the MSM not report for example, MMSD from Milwaukee dumping 506 million gals of untreated human waste into Lake Michigan for example in July of 2010? How about the non story of the Crivitz school board not taking minute notes of their meetings? This has been going on the last several months and no one thought it was important to investigate or report. A blogger broke that story. 

If the media would just report the news honestly and drop their bias at the door, a lot of people would purchase the dead tree or online subscriptions of their newspapers.The media can cry all they want but their faults specifically lie with editors, owners and reporters. No one else to blame for their problems. But keep doing what your doing and see other forms of news reporting pass you by.

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