Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ribble Lovers Coming Out Of The Wall

 I received a comment from Reid himself or a Ribble lover, not sure. Ouch, I must of hurt his feelings. The post was

"Ribble Won, Kagen Lost"

 He left this to me this morning.

You need to educate yourself on current events and stop looking through whatever politically-colored glasses you've put on. Obama and the Democrats did NOT get us into the mess this economy is in right now. Lack of restrictions on Wall Street (not to mention a legislature controlled by lobbyists of wealthy special interest groups) caused the vast majority of the downfall. (Gee, I wonder who was in power at that point?!) I hope the 99% take back control soon.

[You might want to do a spell check before you post. Spelling and grammar mistakes make you appear more ignorant than you probably are. Then again, maybe not.]

Hears mi recponc

Reed, iz dat u? Iff nott u mus bee a Rubble lovr.

Sorri iff eye hitt a knerv. Iff eye hav rosee clord glASS's den u mus bee smokin da rong weed.

Eye stil luv yu u pour babi.

tanks fur stopen.


Barry Lakr

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