Monday, October 17, 2011

Ribble Won, Kagen Lost

Local lawmakers speak out about job plan - WFXS, MyFoxWausau - News and Weather for Wausau, WI
Representative Reid Ribble also disagrees with parts of the President's plan.  But, he says lawmakers need to start working together.
So why does Reid Ribble have to "start working together", say what? 

Why does Reid Ribble always want to work with the democrats? Why doesn't he just work on passing bills that will save our country that the democrats sold us down the river on! Is he a moderate republican that just want's to be accepted in Washington or fix the problems that the democrats and President Obama put us in. Sorry, I forgot, Ribble rubbed elbows with the president at last years super bowl party at the white house. 

Ribble is a moderate RINO and will do or say anything to be a lifer in Washington . When he is done being a congressman, he will go back to being a lobbyist for the roofing industry. I will be shocked, just shocked when it happens. 

Mr. Ribble, you won,

Kagen lost on 2010.

 Did you forget that sir? I guess he did. Go ahead, work with the democrats and they will make mince meat of you. Then I will be SHOCKED!


DR said...

Ribble has really turned into a RINO. It is like when they were constantly calling Bush a Conservative. It drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

You need to educate yourself on current events and stop looking through whatever politically-colored glasses you've put on. Obama and the Democrats did NOT get us into the mess this economy is in right now. Lack of restrictions on Wall Street (not to mention a legislature controlled by lobbyists of wealthy special interest groups) caused the vast majority of the downfall. (Gee, I wonder who was in power at that point?!) I hope the 99% take back control soon.

[You might want to do a spell check before you post. Spelling and grammar mistakes make you appear more ignorant than you probably are. Then again, maybe not.]

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Reed, iz dat u? Iff nott u mus bee a Rubble lovr.

Sorri iff eye hitt a knerv. Iff eye hav rosee clord glASS's den u mus bee smokin da rong weed.

Eye stil luv yu u pour babi.

tanks fur stopen.


Barry Lakr

Dad29 said...

Well, it's fair to say that it took two to tango. The BushBoyzzzz allowed Bear/Lehman/Goldie's leverage to go from 12-1 to 30-1--which caused a big problem.

Bear and Lehman lost, and AIG is still in the wilderness. Merrill is part of B of A which will soon disintegrate because B of A also bought Countrywide.

And, yes, the GSE's--with the blessing and encouragement of Bawney & Co., bought a hatload of shit loans.

So we learned that politicians are duplicitous, careerist, slobs.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks Dad, Always Buy more ammo.

Have a GREAT week.