Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Milwaukee Update

Tuesday August 2nd, 9:30 am sitting in Hospitals Dining room, level 1.

Since I told Berry Laker Son # 1 I was blogging about him, ( he didn't seemed as thrilled as I was when I told him) I guess I should say some impressive things since someday he may read this. I won't hold my breath on when he will ever read this.

Son, very proud of you. The doc came in and asked if you felt like a truck hit you. You said yes. The doc said that was a good sign. Foot was swollen, another good sign. Blood is flowing to foot. Doc said he will move you out of ICU later today. Another good sign, he didn't feel your pulse with his hand but did hear it with ultra sound equipment. Hope it keeps working once swelling goes down.

Doc said today would be the worse day for pain and will get better as days go on. Only one vein he could work on, main vein was 6 cm, other one was 1 cm. Not sure if he said cm, mm or what exact size they were but you didn't have a lot of blood flowing to your leg. your mom and I are glad your in good hands. 

Your mother loves you very much but we might begin calling her "Marie", you know Raymonds mother on Everyone Loves Raymond. Today you need your rest so you can deal with the pain. I will try to drag her out from your room for a while. We need to change oil in you and your brothers car and I'm interested in seeing the new Woodmans in Menominee Falls. Hopefully it worked and you were able to rest on your own today.

Dam proud of you.

You made the right choice coming to Froedtert.

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