Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Par for The Course In Milwaukee

Day two. Long Day in ICU and now. 

Well, son # 1, you are going through the same problem you had in one of your previous surgeries.

The doctor had blood work done and it came back where your blood seems to be clotting and giving you pain in your foot and groin area. You know, along the incision up your whole leg. This is another first for the doctor. Your a test case for him. We thank God you have such a good doctor. He mentioned that is why he makes late visits in the afternoon to make sure his patients are doing well. he knows what he's doing. We need to celebrate with a Martini & r o s s i  for the work and care he is giving you. Thank you 

Back into surgery and we are waiting for you to come out. 

Called the other children to fill them in. No problems staying here till we get you back to full strength.  

Right now the Brewers are ahead 3 - 2.

Hang in there buddy.

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