Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day 2 in Milwaukee

Just some random thoughts about the last 24 hours.

The family Center (place to stay during surgery and wait) at Froedtert is super. Great people, wifi and free coffee and cookies. Do not, I repeat, do not try to move all your belongings into one of the private booths or rooms unless you ask first. They are reserved.

Never take driving directions from Mrs Berry Laker. Ask Father John. 

Father John came to see Son # 1 because he said he owned him a visit. Many years ago the boys served mass for father john. they served the Midnight mass one Christmas night. Son # 1 knew Father had no servers for Christmas day mass. We were at a very small church. Son # 1 came in  to serve that morning and as he was getting ready, Father asked him why he was there. Son # 1 said he knew Father was alone that morning and said that was his Christmas present to the Good Father. Father John never forgot that morning with son # 1.

It's great Froedtert will stamp your parking ticket to get free parking for all family members and guests but $2 a day for parking is cheep and for all the things the hospital does, they could charge everybody the $2 and help defray costs.

The doctor spoke to us around 5:00 pm last night. Didn't sugar coat anything. it was worse then he thought. They had to get another surgeon in to remove another bone growth on the back of his leg. They could only connect one new vein to his lower leg. Time will tell and we hope it will take and give our boy circulation to his lower leg and foot. 

When Father John was giving our son a prayer up in ICU around 7:00 and making the sign of the Cross on his forehead, the nurse asked our son if he wanted to see a priest. Father John said he was a priest and was on retainer with the family. It was one of the funny moments. Thank you Father John.

I am staying at Mrs B's apartment on the upper east side. Nice little place. To sit on the thrown or take a shower you have to sit or stand sideways. Yes, it's a small studio apartment but am glad Mrs B has her own place. 

Off to see my boy and see what progress he's made.

it's always good to visit Milwaukee. It makes me appreciate living in the Nicolet Forest.

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