Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Admit, We Lost Our Country

From The Wausau Daily Herald. 

I see this headline and decide to read on on who is calling Washington. 

Wisconsin residents eager to make calls to congressmen over debt ceiling debate

Sen. Ron Johnson's office said it took at least triple its average number of calls Tuesday and that almost all were about the debt ceiling debate. Half the callers supported Obama's position on settling the controversy, while a quarter supported Johnson and Republicans, and a quarter supported compromise, Johnson said.

My God, we finally lost our country. So Obama calls on voters to call Washington and these are the results . 

Half support Obama? People, people, people, Obama doesn't have a plan! So people supporting Obama will follow him off a cliff? So half the people will drink the grape Kool aid? This country has gone mad! What plan has Obama put on the table? The guy just wants to get re elected. 

A quarter support compromise?  So cutting $1.2 tril over 10 years is a good compromise? We are spending billions every day and they want to cut a couple millions every year? And who says the next five congresses will keep the spending caps on the books? This is insane! We lost it, this country finally went off the deep end!

And another thing, I hear from the morning and late afternoon guys on conservative radio 1130 WISN and they are saying, take the Boehner deal. it's the best we can get! Are you kidding! This is a replay of 2008. 

Remember when Henry Paulson said we had to bail out the banks! He said the world will end, our country cannot afford to let the financial markets crash! So they spent Trillions of dollars and where did the money go? How soon we forget. Did someone save the Kool Aid from 2008?  

The house should pass a bill to freeze spending and we will not have to raise the debt limit. It's a spending problem stupid! If the dem lead senate does not pass it then let everything drop! It will be on the hands of democrats and President Obama. 

Too many people are listening to the liberal media and republicans in Washington are drinking the Kool aid again. 

The end of this country is surly coming to it's final resting place.

Update 9:25 A M Central - Boehner Must Go!


DR said...

I think all the Republican leadership needs to go, their default position is always to surrender.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dr, thanks for the comment.

Seems the leadership always gets snookered and we end up paying for it.

I hate the word compromise.

Have a GREAT weekend.