Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only Until Dem's Are In Charge

From Shawano Leader

Seems Nancy Nusbaum wants to change how the minority party is heard. 

"“I would advocate that we should have the tools that allow for discussion,” she said. “When one group has all the power concentrated in their hands, they do not have to allow discussion. They cut out the cities. They cut out the counties. They cut out the public dialogue.”

Nusbaum would prefer, in the future, that legislators develop a mechanism, whether it’s a filibuster or something else, that would allow the minority party some power to keep legislation from passing without bipartisan effort.

“I hope it never, ever happens again, and it’s one of the things I will be working to influence,” Nusbaum said."

Where was Nancy when Doyle and the other democrats controlled Madison? 

Nancy wants change only until the dems are in control again.

What a phony candidate!

1 comment:

Dad29 said...

Does Nancy FORGET that Doyle's last budget passed WITHOUT ONE HEARING?

Fuggedabout putting County execs on a about the minority Party?

Not in Statist Doylet's regime!