Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wausau : Lobbyist Explains Debt Talks To Seniors

From Wausau Daily Herald
Seniors at Wausau AARP event express dismay over U.S. debt debate

Seems some people in Wausau wanted to know whats going on with the current debt limit talks.

About 33 people attended an information session hosted by AARP at the Plaza Hotel in Wausau. Attendees also used electronic remotes to weigh in anonymously on several questions during the presentation, including one about how Congress should address the federal deficit.

About 73 percent favored a combination of tax increases and spending cuts to address the federal deficit.

The only way to fix the problem is to raise taxes? Who do seniors think should get tax increases? Who is telling seniors this information? Are they really trying to be honest and up front with people? Let's see, meet Lisa Larkin.

Dissatisfaction with members of Congress was evident at the event. Attendees murmured or grumbled aloud when AARP presenter Lisa Lamkin discussed various proposals that have been introduced and faded away in recent weeks.

Lamkin said she updates her presentation daily, knowing that each proposal might change or be tossed entirely.

Lisa Larkin is a L O B B Y I S T . Here's a link of her on Jigsaw

A lobbyist from AARP is telling people what is right and what is wrong? Are seniors that gullible? Here is the closing paragraph.

"I think most Americans feel a compromise is necessary," Decker said. "I'm not sure that Republicans really understood November's message -- to stop posturing and do the business of the people."

Republicans are posturing? Obama has no plan, democrats has not even put a budget out in over two years and republican are posturing? You got to be kidding. I am surprised the Daily Herald wouldn't even write that Larkin is a lobbyist! When a lobbyist starts telling people who to vote for, what government should do for you and who is right and who is wrong, we are in trouble. 

Another reason that the USA is at the end of it's existence.

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