Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leaders We Believe In

A good read by Steve Prestegard on some of the new leaders in Madison. Michelle Litjens is one of many who tax payers can believe in.

Marketplace of Ideas Blog:

"State Rep. Michelle Litjens (R–Oshkosh): She brings a passionate outsider’s perspective to the Legislature.

Last year would have been a good one for Michelle Litjens even if she hadn’t been elected to her first term in the state Assembly.

Litjens was there at the beginning of Ron Johnson’s improbable bid for the United States Senate, long before it was on anyone’s political radar. A longtime Johnson friend, it was Litjens who invited him to speak at a Tea Party rally in Oshkosh and, early in 2010, began introducing the long-shot conservative to party activists and opinion makers (including the author of this article). At the state party convention that unexpectedly endorsed Johnson, Litjens placed his name in nomination.

A former third vice chair of the state GOP, Litjens, 38, is no newcomer to politics, but she brings a passionate outsider’s perspective to the Legislature. She describes herself as an “activist who grew up with parents who were doers,” and admits to being impatient with the pace of the Legislature and “frustrated at business as usual.”

One of the most outspoken conservatives in a conservative Legislature, Litjens is pushing hard to pass Right-to-Work legislation, rein in public employee unions, and repeal the prevailing-wage mandate on local governments. …"

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