Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Duffy With Obama, Ribble Down The Middle

Rhymes With Clowns comments on Sean Duffy on Libya.

"Hey Sean Duffy, You're in the Congress!"

Dad 29 comments

"Can Rep. Duffy Be THIS Stupid?"

Here Reid Ribble takes a stand from the Superior Telegram.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Reid Ribble from Appleton says he does not agree with the president’s decision to get involved in Libya.

“I felt that that was a regional conflict and that we should’ve stuck – I think the French should have taken the lead, they’re the closest to it,” says Ribble. “France and Italy should have played a bigger role. I wish the President had spoken to the Congress before they made the decision so he could’ve gotten feedback from the elected officials.”

Wait, I thought Ribble lives in Lawrence? Did he move to Appleton? Did he sell his house in Sherwood? Where's the media here? Back to Mr Ribbles Libya comments.

Ah, what did he say? What does "stuck" mean? Does Ribble really think Obama is going ask to get permission? Maybe he did discuss it with Ribble at the Super Bowl party and Reid just forgot. So if Obama did ask Congress, would he have said it was O K and gave him a yes vote? Let's cut to the chase, Reid is a moderate middle of the road republican. Can't take sides, can't diss the media, waiting for someone to tell him what to say or what to do. This is his first year in D C and he doesn't want to rock the boat. 

I don't know what should be done in Libya? Are people against Gaddafi supported by al-Qaeda? Do we remove Gaddafi and let another Iran happen? Do we leave Gaddafi? I am not a congressman and not privy to classified information. That's why we have congressman in Washington DC.   

Representatives Ribble and Duffy made their remarks during an appearance on Wisconsin Public Radio's Joy Cardin Show Tuesday.

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