Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pulaski Unions Tell Tax Payers To Bend Over

From the Green Bay Press.

Pulaski School Board to extend 3 union contracts
11:00 PM, Mar. 21, 2011
Written by
Patti Zarling

PULASKI — The Pulaski School Board on Wednesday is expected to approve one-year contract extensions for employees of three unions, including teachers.

Schools superintendent Mel Lightner said Monday district officials met with representatives from the Pulaski Education Association, the Pulaski Education Support Personnel Association and the Pulaski Cook and Custodian Association last week to negotiate agreements.

Why only a one year extension? Why only three unions? Where were the unions and the employees the last three years when the school district was strapped for money? Who's going to pay for the shortfalls? Why not any cuts in pay? 

Why are the tax payers taking it in the shorts again? How many residents taxes were reduced the last three years? 

The tax payers of the Pulaski School District should storm the meeting Wednesday night and demand the school board stop and hold all contract extensions until the state law takes or not takes effect?  Do the tax payers of Pulaski have any guts or do the unions leaders run the school district, the school board and tell the tax payers to bend over and 

SHUT UP!!!!!!!

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brvanlanen said...

It's simple. The unions want them to jump at extensions before the new law kicks in so the union wouldn't be subject to the law provisions until the next contract. .

While GB didn't get the mandatory dues cut out they didn't go soft the way Pulaski is.

Hope the taxpayers there recognize what's happening.