Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wisconsin Dems Are Delusional


Reid Ribble's "Real World" Conflict-of-Interest

MADISON-In a fit of self-pity in a newspaper from a neighboring Congressional District, Tea Party Congressman Reid Ribble has refused to acknowledge the sleazy $10,000 in campaign cash he pocketed from an industry group, or his role in trying to manipulate federal safety regulations for the profit of his family business. Instead, Ribble called the ethical mess an example of "real-world experience."

Can someone please give the Wisconsin Dems so med's. Who named Reid Ribble the Tea Party Congressman? If that's the way the dems think, they will be a push over in 2012. "Tea Party Congressman", holy cow!

Ribble is not from the tea party! I'm not alone on that. Ribble's a republican insider. Look who's standing next to Boehner. Suck Up.

I need to pick myself off the floor after that one.

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