Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crivitz Kangaroo School Board

The Crivits School board is running rampant. Seems they are running their own club with the teachers union. Is this a kangaroo school board or what.

The Maritime Sentry: Exclusive: Crivitz, WI - Children Lost In The Cracks Of School Board Policies
I was informed of a school board meeting in Crivitz, WI, that was going to be addressing some issues pertaining to spending and transparency. The meeting was requested by a board member who had concerns about unaccounted spending, that was having negative repercussions on the budget. During this meeting it became apparent, the school board is very dysfunctional, with the majority of the members condoning the unrestrained spending and suspicious actions, and commencing vicious verbal attacks on members who stood up for the parents and students being affected.
Just to recap the dysfunctional School Baord.
Wasteful Spending.
Not taking minutes of school board meetings. 
No Public input from parents and concerned citizen. Are we in Iran? 
You can go to Maritime Sentry to read the whole article. Wonder if the main stream media will ever pick up on this kangaroo school board. 
Link to Crivitz School District. 


DR said...

Thank you for the link.

SR said...

Thank you for this link and article. I have found it is very important to be involved, but even I was taken back by the behavior displayed at this meeting by some of the members. It was very much the Good Ole Boys club ganging up on the little guy just trying to shed some light on some grey areas.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

just to let you know there is a lot of "good ol boys and good ol girls clubs" in Northern Wisconsin. Don't be surprised where and when you see it again. In places and in people you wouldn't expect. Local gov, buss, etc, etc

I have seen it where I live. Some in the world have gone insane. I think it's a power thing like in Washington.

Take Care.
Have a GREAT week.