Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fitzgerald Might As Well Bow Out Of The Race.

Jeff Fitzgerald announces Senate bid - JSOnline
Madison - Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald announced Tuesday he is jumping into the race for U.S. Senate, joining what appears to be a crowded Republican field.
Listening to Mark Belling with Jeff Fitgerald.
He said he is more conservative then Tommy Thompson.
Said he is the same as Mark Neumann as being conservative.
I'm no political expert but if Fitgerald is like Newmann, then he already lost. Time to get out Jeff!
And I was thinking of donating to his campaign. 

I have to add to my comments. 
Fitz kept bringing up what he did this past year. Buddy, it's what your going to do for us in Washington! I know what you did yesterday. What specifically will you do in Washington DC. Mark Belling is saying Fitz did like to be a player and not a leader. Mark said he was know as a moderate. Where would he be today if Walker did not win last November.

Warning to voters. Let's not jump on the Fitzgerald band wagon yet. 

We need a conservative in Washington to fix the mess Kohl and Obama handed us. 

O K, lets look at Frank Lasee .

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DR said...

You are absolutely right. Fitzgerald is a RINO. Him and his brother control the Senate and the Assembly and do we have Constitutional carry or a right-to-work state? Nope. We need a true Libertarian, Conservative who will actually shrink DC's power, not grow it at a slightly slower rate.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

I guess we can call it silly season.

Keep up your GREAT work.

Have a GR#EAT day.