Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Will Teachers March At Oshkosh Truck

So the union is in big talks with Oshkosh Truck?

Talks resume tomorrow between Oshkosh Corp. and its employee union | Pierce County Herald | Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Talks resume tomorrow between the Oshkosh Corporation and its major employee union. Members of the United Auto Workers voted down a new five-year contract offer on Friday, and its leaders said it would consider a strike vote. But now, both sides say they want to reach a settlement without a walkout. The head of the U-A-W chapter at Oshkosh, Nick Nitschke, says he employees will work under its old contract for now. More talks are set for tomorrow and Thursday. Nitschke says the major disagreements involve work-place issues, and the company’s plans to hire temporary workers starting in 2013.

So will the Wisconsin teachers unions and the state worker unions walk and protest against Oshkosh Truck? Will Marty and Mary speak up for the workers? 

I don't think they will because Oshkosh Truck has nothing to do with their unions. They only care about their own rear ends!

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