Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Kagen Promised Peshtigo $500K, Barack Obama Took Away


Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper

City Denied $477,000 Grant Promised Three Years Ago

Back in January of 2008, then-United States Senator Steve Kagen ceremoniously announced a matching funds grant of nearly $500,000 to the City of Peshtigo to help finance improvements to the water and sewer utility system. The EPA grant for water-related infrastructure improvements awarded to the city was officially announced by the Department of the Interior on Feb. 21, 2008.

But there were complications, and the money never arrived. Mayor Allen Krizenesky, at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4 had the unwelcome task of advising aldermen that it apparently never will.

Remember all those promises Steve Kagen made to everyone in the 8th district? Seems the Obama's EPA pulled the plug.To all those people who voted democrat, looks liked you got screwed.



John Helgeson said...

I see the Peshtigo paper promoted Steve Kagen to Senator after his defeat at the polls. Or maybe they are dreaming what Kagen is dreaming, that he can become a Senator. Not very good proof reading skills at the paper.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

John, thanks for stopping over.

I think there is much information on Steve Kagen that he better think twice about running for Senator.

Take Care.

Have a GREAT weekend.

Dad29 said...

Back in January of 2008, then-United States Senator Steve Kagen

Well, he was a lot more active than Herbie......