Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally, Froedtert Update, He's Coming Home

Just to let my few readers who are following Son # 1.

Tomorrow will be day 15 and he is finally coming home. Well, it's not home but it is his home on the fashionably upper east side apartment in Milwaukee. Can you get Tom Barrett to clean up all the furniture on the curbs along Maryland and Farwell? 

There were a lot of people saying Prayers for you and obviously the good Lord heard all of our prayers. 

Seven days in ICU, eight days on the third floor and you can finally go home. Don't be stupid and push your recoup. As I told you, Obamacare would probably of passed on you so you need to thank Froedert, their staff,  your doctor, the insurance company and God himself for your recovery. I will start buying Martini and Rossi for what doc did for you. Thank you sir. 

You need to personally thank your sister, brother in law, nephew, brother, Penelope, DR, Dad 29, Maddona , Grandma, Diane and Ralph and for God's sake Marie for their prayers, comments and concern for you. Marie was with you for two weeks and there was no way you could take away a mother from her son. Dad 29, he doesn't like Jack for a pain killer so he would rather have Miller Lite. Personally if I had to fight the pain, I would take Jack.

Not sure what more I can say to you but am proud of you and am glad you are out of the woods but still need to recover further. After I pick you up, what do you want to eat after 15 days of hospital food? McDonalds, Burger King or Chinese delivery, on me!


PS : you bet, we need to see a Brewer game on me. I can swing the tickets but we will have to drink in the parking lot and take peanuts into the game. Let me know what game in September.   


DR said...

God be praised. I am so relieved. May God continue to bless your family.

Dad29 said...

Great news!

As usual, Dad's right: don't push the recovery.

(How can you drink a lite "beer"?)

Time to learn about Black Jack.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

DR and Dad,

Thank you for your help.

Have a GREAT week.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this good news. Will keep in prayers as recovery continues.

Paul - Berry Laker said...


Thanks for your thoughts. Sometimes it's hard to be a parent but they are well worth it.

God Bless.