Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Steve Kagen, The Checks In The Mail, Oops ,Maybe Not

Seems Peshtigo got burned by a promise from Steve Kagen when he was a Congressman from the Wisconsin 8th.

I remember Kagen would always tell everyone the checks in the mail! Seems Peshtigo is left holding the 1/2 Million dollar bag  From the Peshtigo Times.

Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper
"City Faces Possible Loss Of $500,000 EPA Grant

Possible loss of the promised $500,000 in federal funding for some costly City of Peshtigo water utility projects loomed over the regular monthly City Council meeting Tuesday evening, July 6, but failed to overshadow some other highly controversial issues on the agenda. Mayor Allen Krizenesky reported that he and other city officials were meeting with project engineers on Wednesday to draft a response and request reinstatement of the special projects grant. The funds were originally appropriated to Peshtigo for water-related infrastructure improvements on Feb. 21, 2008."

After the grant was approved in 2008, the city was presented with a large publicity type check for the $500,000 by the former United States Senator Steve Kagen, but the real check never arrived. Problems developed because work had already started on the radionuclide compliance project that was funded. Projects already underway could not be funded in accord with terms of the grant legislation.

City fathers then were assured that the grant money was locked in for Peshtigo and future projects would be funded with it. Planning got underway for the wastewater treatment plant improvements that are now ready to go.

Then came the current federal budget difficulties. Two weeks ago the city was notified that Congress had put a hold on all grant funds and the city will need to take additional steps to get the money reinstated.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like your new congressman isn't doing anything for you! Kagen fought for that money. Ribble's a weiner, he just lets them take it away. Tell Ribble to get that money back!!

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anonymous, thanks for the comment.

First why would the town start a project without the money first?

2) I'm not sure if this was just a promise Kagen made to get votes. Seems the VA Building in Green Bay still hasn't been built. Another Kagen promise broken.

3) I may be conservative but I didn't vote for Ribble so I'm not going to ask Ribble to bail out a town that got ahead of it's self on a project. Peshtigo really now knows what it means " the checks in the mail."


fourth, we are broke, Kagen and your party busted the bank and now we are in debt to our eyeballs. The time for useless spending is over. Anyway it seems the Pestigo project was still another mandate by the Obama EPA! We don't need EPA mandates and more stimulus from Obama.

But thanks anyway for stopping over.

Have a GREAT day.


Dad29 said...

BTW, the article promotes Kagen to "Senator."

Paul - Berry Laker said...


Kagen running, wouldn't that be fun?

Have a GREAT day.