Monday, July 04, 2011

Holperin To Save The Day

I see this PR over at WisPolitics. So Holperin is here to save the towns of the 12th district? Sen. Holperin: Towns slighted in state budget

"Sen. Holperin: Towns slighted in state budget

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Holperin Says Towns Slighted in State Budget; Wants Debates: Says Simac Election Law Violation Under Investigation

In a letter this week to 12th Senate District Town Supervisors, State Senator Jim Holperin encouraged Town officials in each county to schedule a “candidates forum” so that Town issues can be fully debated.

“Town government took it on the chin in many respects with the recent state budget,” Holperin said. “Town road aid is frozen for at least the next two years, while other transportation spending soars…especially on expensive freeway projects in southeastern Wisconsin.”"

So Jim Holperin and Jim Doyle bankrupted the towns and now he wants to help them? Will any town supervisor ask Holperin why he raided the transportation fund like his own little piggy bank which is why road aid is now frozen? Come on Jim, tell the whole story! 

Holperin said almost every northern Wisconsin Town will also lose state shared revenue during the next two years while Town Board ability to levy for special projects or improvements is severely restricted.

So Holperin is mad towns can't raise taxes! He sure talks loose with tax payers money.Towns wouldn't be in this mess if Hoilperin just did his job the last four years under Diamond Jim Doyle!

“A recent letter to Town Supervisors from recall candidate Kim Simac glosses over the sacrifices Towns are being forced to make, and that’s why Town officials need to hear from the candidates directly,” he said.

Holperin put the towns in the mess they're in and now he comes to save the day? 

Holperin noted that Simac’s letter to Town Board members also failed to include information on who paid for the mailing, which is a clear violation of state election law. The matter is now under investigation by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

No, the sky is falling! Who paid for the mailing? Will Holperin tell us who paid for his stay in Illinois back in February? Will Holperin tell us who is funding his campaign? 

“Kim Simac has talked a lot about what she won’t do, but hasn’t said anything about what she will do…and that should concern not only Town officials, but voters throughout the 12th Senate District,” Holperin concluded.

From as guy who left the state instead of doing the work he was sent to Madison for.

 Mr Holperion, Who's calling the kettle black?

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