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Better Late Than Never Jim Holperin

From the Shawano LeaderSeems Jim Holperin finally got around to visit his constituents in Keshena and Menominee County. Has he never been there before?

Holperin pays visit to Menominee

By Lee Pulaski
Sen. Jim Holperin, D-Conover, has six American Indian reservations in his district, and he spent most of Thursday with the Menominee Tribe to look at some of the changes in the last year, as well as learn about the area’s issues.

So which of the six tribes is more important to Holperin? Is Menominee rated 5th or 6th? 

Holperin started his visit with a tour of the lumber mill in Neopit operated by Menominee Tribal Enterprises, followed by a trip to the Menominee Casino and Resort to see the latest addition to its conference center. He spent almost an hour touring the College of the Menominee Nation and speaking with some of the students. Following that, he paid a visit to the Menominee Cultural Museum, where he learned about the tribe’s efforts to return the sturgeon to Keshena Falls through natural means after an almost 120-year absence.

Although the trip was mainly for Holperin’s information and research, the senator found a lot of support from tribal members. Holperin is one of nine senators who has been targeted for recall, and he is due to defend his seat Aug. 16.

Can someone tell me why Holperin is on a "information and research" trip? Can someone tell me that if your a state senator, why now does he have to gather information? What information is he looking for? Can we maybe say he was looking for campaign donations? No Way.

The latest visit was coordinated through the new Menominee Democratic Party, which was recognized by state Democrats in June. According to chairwoman Diane Miller, the Democrats felt it was important for the senator to see first-hand how some of his constituents live, thrive and survive.

Say WHAT! " Important for the senator to see first-hand how some of his constituents live, thrive and survive." So Holperin represented the 12th District since 2008 and before that, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism from 2003 to 2007 and he's never been to Menominee County before yesterday? If this was a republican, would the Shawano Leader be so kind to them? 

“It gives him an opportunity, not only to view the land he is representing and the people he is representing, but he also gets an opportunity to meet and talk with the people who work in the various places he is representing,” Miller said. “He is up for re-election, and people have an opportunity to ask him questions.”

It was not only tribal representatives who sought an audience with Holperin. Ron Corn, Menominee County’s administrative coordinator, sat down with Holperin briefly at the casino and told him about the county’s concerns over recent budget cuts that will see almost $300,000 in state-shared revenue go away next year, mostly in social services.

“This is at a time when we see costs rising,” Corn said.

So Corn and Holperin had a chat at the Casino? With all the money the casino is making, can't the casino help social services that is supposedly being cut? Speaking of a Casino, can we say political donations from the Casino? No, no we will not go there yet. This was only an informational gathering visit, remember. Bet on July 7th, 8th or 9th will we see a campaign donation from the casino? 

Holperin said the state would likely not know the full magnitude of the budget cuts for another year, possibly two.

So how can Corn say they will lose $300,000 when Holperin doesn't even know what they will lose? Da, let's wait two years to see if they really lose money. A state senator doesn't have a grip on the budget? 

Holperin tries to visit his district communities as much as possible, but this is his first visit to the Menominee reservation for 2011, mainly due to the Legislature’s time being monopolized by the state budget deficit, which was recently closed with a biennial budget signed into law last month. The last time he visited the reservation in an official capacity, the Menominee Casino and Resort did not have its conference center up and running yet.

“I always like to come back at least once a year and get an update on things that are new. We certainly saw a lot of that today,” Holperin said. “The tribe is certainly very progressive.”

Sure, right Jim, first visit in 2011. It's already July 7th and this is his first visit to the area? Oh brother.

Toward the end of the day, Holperin’s journey landed him in the middle of a sensitive issue for the tribe — the restoration of the sturgeon population. Rebecca Allegria, a member of the tribal Legislature and the Menominee historic preservation specialist, told Holperin that the sturgeon almost disappeared from the tribe’s culture until the 1990s, but the push to restore the fish’s significance for the Menominee has resulted in the ancient tales being prevalent for almost all tribal members today.

“It’s got cultural significance, not only to us but to all tribes in Wisconsin,” Allegria said.

The tribe is working with the state Department of Natural Resources to find some way for the fish to naturally return to Keshena Falls and bypass the dams in Shawano and Keshena. Holperin seemed in favor of the idea.

“Your option makes sense to me,” Holperin said.

So Jim never heard of this project before yesterday? Has Holperin been on the farm too long or out of state too long? 

Awwww shucks, eye never herd ov dis befour. Sur maks cents two me. 

Who is this guy? When Doyle raided the doctors fund and the transportation funds in the last budget did Jim Holprerin say, 

“Your option makes sense to me,”

Awww shucks! Sure go ahead and take that money.

Since Holperin ran to Illinois and obviously doesn't have a handle on his district, it's time to elect Kim Simac for the 12th Senate District. 

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