Monday, May 02, 2011

Congressman Reid Ribble Meeting Tonight Or Wednesday, Houston, We Have A Problem

Got an e mail from Ribble on an upcoming telephone Town Hall meeting. Is the meeting today May 2nd or Wednesday May 4th? I love organized people who represent me. First, why a phone Town Hall Meeting? What is he afraid of? Here's his e mail. 

Dear  Paul ( I should tell them I am Berry Laker)

This Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:05 pm in the evening, I will be hosting an hour-long telephone town hall to discuss the Budget, Medicare and many other issues of concern to citizens of the 8th disctrict. You're cordially invited to participate!

Joining is easy: simply follow this link to sign up via social media. And then make sure you're near your phone on Wednesday evening and I'll call you.

On the call, you can ask me questions directly about any issue. Or you can just listen, along with thousands of your fellow citizens, to a discussion of the important issues facing our country.

Click here to sign up.

If you would prefer not to sign up online you can call us at 920-380-0061 and simply ask to have your phone number added to our Telephone Town Hall list.

Budget Resources Now Available Online:

We've posted the Budget powerpoint presentation that I've been sharing with groups at town halls across the district. It's filled with helpful charts that accurately portray our country's debts and deficits and the solutions required to address them. Feel free to download a copy and share!

Reid Ribble

Then Reid has me go to a Face Book sign up page. 

Congressman Ribble's Telephone Town Hall

Congressman Ribble's Telephone Town Hall - Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:05 pm.

Join Congressman Ribble and thousands of your fellow 8th district citizens for a telephone town hall. Ask any question you'd like and hear directly from Congressman Ribble his thoughts on the recently passed House Budget, Medicare, spending and debt, and many other issues.

Facebook Login We can automatically populate the name and email fields for you after you log in.
First Name:
Last Name:
Check here if you would like us to communicate with you in ongoing future official events.

O K, so I call the above number around 3:40 PM and talk to the Ribble office or that is who Karl said where he was from when he picked up the phone. I will paraphrase the conversation since I don't tape my phone calls yet. 

I first asked him is the meeting tonight or Wednesday? I said his e mail and face book page both said, Wednesday May 2nd. He did tell me the meeting was Wednesday. Didn't seem to care the e mail and Face book was wrong. Went right over his head, he didn't care! Oh brother, Houston, we have a problem. Obviously he didn't care they have it wrong! 

I then asked him if I sign up on Face Book why I would want Face Book to have my name, phone number, and e mail address put out across Face Book? I thought he would give me the right answer but had to settle for this. He said, he doesn't know. WHAT!!!! He doesn't do Face Book so he didn't know. You think I'm kidding you, Wait. 

He had my phone number from caller ID and repeated my 715 home phone number. I gave him my e mail address and he said they would contact me on the meeting. I asked will they call me or give me an e mail? He wasn't sure but someone would contact me. He just wasn't sure about anything in our conversation. 

Oh brother, is this the kind of Congressman people in the Wisconsin 8th are getting? 

I will say when ever I called Steve Kagen's office, if they didn't have an answer they said they would get back to me. I can't believe I would say this. At least Kagen had a competent staff. What the heck do we have now with Ribble? 

Do I have to make the transfer of Kagen to Ribble on the Obama / Pelosi puppet Reid Ribble?

Mr Ribble, can't you just be the congressman people expect from you, do your job and cut big government. Can you please direct your staff to do their job. If they don't have an answer, then have someone call their constituent back. 

Let me be honest here. I didn't vote for Ribble but did vote in the election that elected him. I live in his district and have a right to speak my mind pro or con on Reid Ribble! 

Last week I read he had a town hall meeting and never got any information about it. I e mailed Ribble's office and they told me to sign up for his newsletter. Is this what I get for trying to get information from Congressman Reid Ribble? Wednesday, May 2nd phone Town Hall meeting? 

I will say I have been busy following the Holperin Recall. I guess I have to be the only one in the the Wisconsin 8th to keep Ribble honest!

Ever since Reid Ribble lied to me about his residency issue before the election, I will hold his feet to the fire until he proves he is the congressman we deserve in Washington. 

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Jeremy from Neenah said...

After hiring one of his roofing companies to do some repairs for me, this does not surprise me. He must have hired former staff from his companies. "I don't know" and unreturned messages are the norm. I would call once a week to find out when they were getting me on the schedule and the only answer i received other than "I don't know" or "I'll get back to you" is that we were "higher on the priority list but not ready to be scheduled". Then I came home one day and they were there and gone. I called to complain that every time i called i was told "I don't know" and reminded them that i wanted to be home when they did the inspections and I wanted to know why they didn't call me. Any guess on the response? Three weeks later i still do not know why...and I bet they still don't know either.