Monday, May 02, 2011

About Osama, Couldn't Say It Any Better

Thanks Ace.

Ace of Spades HQ:

"Let Me Say Something About Bush and Cheney: For the last four years, they have known they broke KSM and this other high value target and got the names of Osama's couriers.

They have only stated elliptically, without specifics, that 'important information was learned.'

They were called liars every time they said this.

At any time, they could have exposed their critics as the anti-American, terrorist-coddling hyperpartisans they were, by revealing this crown jewel of American intelligence.

But they didn't.

They allowed their names to be slurred on a daily basis in order to preserve the secret. To allow Obama to capitalize on the information they procured.


The secret is out now.

It's time for credit to be taken and apologies to be granted -- or apologies to be forced and shamed out of people."

Thank You President Bush and Vice President Cheney. 

Hey Liberals, Bush did it, Obama didn't! Get over it!

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