Tuesday, April 19, 2011

State Senate 14th, Luther Olsen Asking For My Help?

Hell must be freezing over!

I received this e mail from voteforluther@gmail.com. First I asked myself, why would someone send me, Berry Laker this e mail? Mr Olsen is from the Wisconsin 14th Senate District. Why send this to me. I'm just a little blogger from the Nicolet Forest. I think someone made a mistake. You can read my answer if I would send Jeff Weigand an e mail which I will not waste my time with because ...............

Olsen Campaign: Senator Luther Olsen's statement regarding recall petitions

Contact: Jeff Weigand

"I will continue to work on behalf of the hard working taxpayers and
middle class families in our state. The status quo in Madison of
higher taxes and more spending is hindering Wisconsin from growing the
economy and creating jobs." said Olsen (R- Ripon)

“Improving the economy and balancing the state budget will continue to
be my top priorities in Madison."

“While Wisconsin lost more than 150,000 jobs last year the previous
administration raised taxes by $4.7 billion and increased spending by
$3.6 billion."

“At a time when businesses and families are doing more with less, I
believe our government should do the same"

"I am confident the residents of the 14th Senate District will support
my efforts to balance the state budget and grow our economy."

Dear Mr Weigand,

if you represent Mr Olsen, can you answer the following question so I may or may not speak in a positive manner in my ( highly visited, highly influential, and powerful voice in northern Wisconsin) blog? Didn't that sound like I have some pull up here? He, he! Sorry, let me get back to my question.

Mr Weigand, even though Mr. Olsen is a republican and even though he now has said he is against the collective bargaining bill now sitting in the Madison court, can you please reply yes or no to the following question.

Is Mr Olsen against state or federal mandates on corn ethanol? Please reply.

If Mr. Olsen is for ethanol mandates and subsidies then I will fight him tooth and nail to get him replaced in the Wisconsin Senate for not standing up for the people of Wisconsin. One for walking away from the collective bargaining law and two for propping up corn whores in the ethanol industry.

Please answer "yes" or "no" to my question.

Paul Berry Laker,

a small non influential blogger in Northern Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

How do you take a statement like this and twist it to say that Senator Olsen is asking for your help?

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anon, thanks for stopping by but next time, have the spine to at least use your first name.

Mr Olson or one of his staff had to find my berry laker e mail address and send it to me. Very few people communicate with me through that address.

Why would a high powered State senator send me, a little blogger in the north woods a PR if he didn't want me to write a good comment for him?

Again I'm only a little blogger in the north woods.

Thanks again and have a GREAT day.