Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dane County Young Republicans

Way to go the youth of Dane County. I just hope they are conservative and not young RINO's.

For Immediate Release – April 20, 2010
Contact: David Summers (424) 244-1467

Dane County Young Republicans
to Celebrate One Year Anniversary

(Madison, WI) – The Dane County Young Republicans announced today plans for a celebration commemorating one year of sticking it to the Madison establishment.

“We‟re couldn‟t be happier to announce plans for our lavish one-year anniversary party,” said David Summers, DCYR spokesperson. “It has been a fantastic year – from our hilarious „Billionaire‟s for Obama‟ rally to our landmark victory over the screaming horde at the capitol protests, it has been a banner year for conservatism. Our steadfast activism and evangelism in an otherwise blue county has paved the way for victories in statewide and legislative contests alike.”

The Dane County Young Republicans have grown from a quiet band of outnumbered compassionate conservatives to a force for logic and reason in an otherwise irrational and confounding Dane County political landscape. In addition to holding monthly happy hours, the DCYR has held rallies for candidates and bar crawls supporting local establishments.”

“We‟re offering free beer to like-minded folks willing to stop in and help us celebrate,” Summers continued. “Do you see the union moonbats making such overtures of goodwill and fellowship? Though I can‟t blame them, as sour as they must be over their recent losing streak at the polls. We‟ll have terrific new YR tshirts available for purchase if any leftovers from the capitol protests want to switch to a winning team and demonstrate their allegiance to the powers of virtuous good.”

The one-year anniversary party will take place this Thursday, April 21 at Brocach Irish Pub on the square. Find out more

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