Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PR, Holperin Recall

The next step. Way to go people of the 12th.

Contact: Kim Simac
Northwoods Patriots
3860 Kula Vista Drive
Eagle River, WI 54521

Recall Senator Jim Holperin petitions completed and being submitted tomorrow
Madison, WI.- April,20, 2011

On Thursday, April 21, signatures of over 21,000 constituents of Wisconsin's 12th Senate District will be submitted to the Government Accountability Board in Madison to demand a recall election for the state senate seat of Jim Holperin. This total well
surpasses the 15,960 signatures required, a testimony to voter's widespread anger over Holperin's abandonment of their values
and lack of concern for fiscal responsibility in the state.

Holperin is one of the 14 AWOL Senators who left their positions at the Wisconsin state capital last February and fled to Illinois in their attempt to stop the vote on Governor Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill. Constituents from the 12th District were both angry and embarrassed by the behavior of their elected official who chose to align himself with the unions and a small minority of union supporters, instead of the majority of voters in his district.

When Holperin refused to return to the state and perform his elected duties despite numerous requests by constituents, the
voters of the 12th Senate District immediately set to the task of gathering the needed signatures to recall him. Then, as they
faced severe winter weather and the demands of a huge rural district, they found themselves threatened, badgered, and
intimidated nearly every step of the way by the unions. At one point they were circled and nearly mobbed in a Merrill, Wisconsin,
an incident that resulted in some petitions being ripped up while others were defaced with vulgar language from a angry
union protester. (Please view a video of the occurance.

The voters of the 12th District prevailed, however, and tomorrow will successfully deliver their 21,000 plus signatures to the state capital to recall
Jim Holperin.

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