Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reid Ribble, "Young Gun"

From You Tube and the RNC.

Seems the RNC has chosen their candidate in the Wisconsin 8th District, Reid Ribble before the Wisconsin September primary.

If you stop video at about 45 secs., if I'm not mistaken he is on the left side. Maybe I'm wrong. Will someone correct me? Is he not pictured in the spot? Is he not one of the Young Guns?

So we are to follow like sheep on who the anointed candidates are?



Keith Russell said...

You're wrong. Ribble has not been placed on the "young guns" list. And none of the photos in either of the spread look like Ribble. Maybe you should check sources before you post things.

Dale said...

Ya...that worked out real well in 2008...

"Ryan, McCarthy and Cantor drew inspiration for the program from a column by Fred Barnes, who dubbed the trio "young guns" who were working to change Washington. As the congressional elections loomed, the group decided to collaborate on a project designed to help Republican candidates unseat Democratic incumbents or win congressional seats left open after retirements.

They picked 24 candidates whom they thought stood a good chance of winning in 2008 and signed on more than 50 of their House colleagues to help them with campaign cash and advice. In all, they raised $2 million for the Young Guns program, according to McCarthy.

Ryan alone gave more than $58,000 to candidates in the program through his political action committee, including $10,000 to Wisconsin candidate John Gard, according to CQ Moneyline, which tracks campaign donations.

Any surprise the guys like John Gard are endorsing Reid? The career politicians are lining up to support the guy who claims he's not a career politician.

As Todd Lohenry over at "Party of Know" noted, most Congressmen become lobbyist after they leave office. Reid Ribble is trying to do go about it the other way around.

Past money and support goes a long ways.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dale, I hear you as far as it didn'y work in 08.

Thanks for the information.

Have a GREAT week.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Keith, thank you so much for reading my post.

I was asking the questions as to was he, is he, named a part of the young guns. The reason I asked the question is because, if what the Hill reported last year, what's this?

NRCC adds 32 to Young Guns program

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Tuesday added 32 candidates to its Young Guns program.

The full list:

Jesse Kelly (Ariz.-08)
Tim Griffin (Ark.-02)
Justin Bernier (Conn.-05)
Ryan Frazier (Colo.-07)
Allen West (Fla.-22)
Beth Coulson (Ill.-10)
Dick Green (Ill.-10)
Bob Dold (Ill.-10)
Ethan Hastert (Ill.-14)
Todd Young (Ind.-09)
Alan Nunnelee (Miss.-01)
Tim Walberg (Mich.-07)
Ed Martin (Mo.-03)
Vickie Hartzler (Mo.-04)
Bill Stouffer (Mo.-04)
Lou Huddleston (N.C.-08)
Randy Altschuler (N.Y.-01)
Michael Allegretti (N.Y.-13)
Nan Hayworth (N.Y.-19)
Tom Reed (N.Y.-29)
Bob Gibbs (Ohio-18)
Jim Renacci (Ohio-16)
Rob Cornilles (Ore.-01)
Steven Welch (Pa.-06)
Pat Meehan (Pa.-07)
Dan Kapanke (Wis.-03)
Scott DesJarlais (Tenn.-04)
Stephen Fincher (Tenn.-08)
Scott Rigell (Va.-02)
Keith Fimian (Va.-11)
Sean Duffy (Wis.-07)
Reid Ribble (Wis.-08)

Here's the link.


Is that Reids twin brother that is last on the list.

Can you enlighten me with your superior intellect.

You have a GREAT day and a GREAT week.

Anonymous said...

While Ribble is on the "Young Guns" program, he is still on the bottom rung of the three categories ("on the radar"), with nothing more than encouragement to get better on the campaign and fundraising trail from the NRCC. One of the major requirements of the program is the ability to raise funds, and Ribble is the only one in the 8th to have raised at least $200,000 thus far.

Dan Kapanke is on the middle rung ("contender"), and Sean Duffy is on the top rung ("Young Gun").

One candidate's inclusion in the program does not preclude other candidates for the same seat from being included. For example, in New York's 1st Congressional, Chris Cox and George Demos are both in the "on the radar" category.

As for the success/failure of the unofficial 2008 effort, 4 of the 5 freshmen Republicans were part of the Young Guns program.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Steve, thank you for your comment.

Side note, where have you been? You must have been pretty busy lately.

You say in your first sentence that Ribble is on the "Young Guns" program? Are you pulling my leg? I look up to you for hard hitting true reporting.

I was told he is not on the young Gun Program! O K, maybe his picture is not in the You Tube but you say he is on a (lower level) but still in?

Tell me he's not on the program!

Anonymous said...

Ribble is indeed in the program, but as I said, he hasn't made it beyond the lowest tier, which is basically just a recognition that he is showing a bit of promise. One of the premises of the Young Guns program is that it helps those who help themselves.

In fact, going back through my e-mail archives, Marc Trager made it on the list as "on the radar" in April before he departed. At that time, WisPolitics said that Ribble was "on the radar" as of sometime last year (H/T - Jo Egelhoff). I do note Ribble hasn't moved up to either "contender" or full-fledged "Young Gun" status.

I can't answer whether any of the other campaigns are attempting to get into the program, or if they have, why they haven't been accepted.

I've been keeping busy between work, actual vacations, and conferences.

Lane said...

So what if Ribble, or anyone else, is on the list? I personally think one must be crazy to leave a good life to get into politics these days. He seems like the ultimate citizen candidate, I guess a "tea party" type of guy, if you will.