Wednesday, July 07, 2010

PSA North Woods, Wild Parsnips

From the Iron Mountain Daily News Via IntellTrends

Thought I would add some images for those who like me didn't know what it looked like.

"FLORENCE, Wis. - The UW Extension office in Florence County is encouraging residents to take steps to control wild parsnip, an invasive plant that can cause rash and blisters in humans.

Scott Reuss of the UW Extension said that the plant is currently in bloom.

Wild parsnip has an upside down, umbrella-shaped flower head with yellow flowers, and is found in a variety of soil types. Generally, the plant thrives where the water availability is fairly good.

There are many other plants in the parsnip family that are also in bloom right now, but wild parsnip is the only one with yellow flowers.

Wild parsnip has negative environmental characteristics, such as having the ability to crowd out some native wildflowers, but it is actually more problematic to humans than to the environment.

This plant contains a chemical that causes a severe rash and blistering when exposed to skin and sunlight."
Taking steps to control invasive wild parsnip - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News


Steve in Wisconsin said...

Thanks for the photos! I had no idea what this plant looked like.

Paul - Berry Laker said...


maybe the paper should of had a few for everyone else to see.

Not sure if the dead tree version had pictures.

Have a GREAT week.

Denise Thornton said...

Getting the word out on wild parsnip is a worthy cause. This stuff is nasty on so many levels.

Check out my post

It's possible, as I have found, to beat this stuff at least in small areas.

Good luck,

Paul - Berry Laker said...


I agree. Hopefully others in the north woods will be aware of it.

Have a GREAT weekend.