Saturday, July 10, 2010

# 48 Jimmie Johnson Has Lost His Mind

From Stock Car Spin.

First, congrats to Johnson and his wife.
"Jimmie Johnson Becomes A Father; Baby’s Name Unknown

AUTHOR: Ben Montedonico

4-time defending NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson is now a dad.

According to reports from the Associated Press, the Johnson family has a new baby girl. Both Johnson’s wife, Chandra, and the baby are doing fine."
Jimmie Johnson Becomes A Father; Baby’s Name Unknown | Stock Car Spin | A NASCAR Blog

The lack of said “other details” likely means that we don’t even get to know the baby’s name, which is unfortunate. Several other drivers, including 4-time champion Jeff Gordon, have been so excited about their children that they show them off on television and tell the world about them.

By the looks of it, the Johnsons want to go about the birth of their child a different way.

Now comes the fun part; with no details being released, we get to speculate as to what the new baby’s name is. Lil’ Miss Four-Time, anyone?


It's Saturday morning as I write this. I'm watching the cup qualifying last night and they bring up Johnson and his wife had baby on Wednesday but didn't name the child yet.
Hummmmm,seems kind of odd.

Then they interview the #48 driver and he say's he and his wife always have problems making decisions. They want to really think about it. Jimmy, it's your daughters name. What's the big deal?

Does he want Chad Knaus to make their decision? Does he want Richard Childress to give the name? Is he doing a Lowe's "name the baby" contest? Is he waiting to win a fifth championship to name the baby?

This guy has a serious problem and it now coming out. He's so into himself with his four championships that he can't think straight. His precious baby is hanging out there in limbo and he says we always have problems making decisions, WOW!

I question the stability of this guy. Will anyone else say it or are many just thinking it?

Name the baby Jamie or something else and get on with it.

What a flake! Somebody better keep a close watch on Jimmie Johnson.

To the other 42 drivers in tonight's race, you better stay clear of Jimmie Johnson! He'll take you with him!


Holly Doss said...

I hardly think a 4 time champion, who is heavily in the public eye seeking privacy at an extremely personal time qualifies him as someone who has lost their mind. I think you, on the other hand, should consider stepping out of your small-minded box and quit acting like some "by God this is the way it should be" redneck.

Paul - Berry Laker said...


tank u fur da coment.

We hear n da nortwods arnt sofisicted like u all r.

Hav a grate weak.