Friday, June 25, 2010

Wis. Cemeteries To Be Busy In 2010 Election

From The Appleton P C.

The dems announce their up coming voter campaign.
"Wisconsin a key battleground in midterm elections
Volunteers set out to recapture first-time voters
By Larry Bivins • Gannett Washington bureau • June 25, 2010

WASHINGTON — On Saturday, a battalion of volunteers will begin maneuvers to recapture 300,000 Wisconsin residents who voted for the first time in the 2008 presidential election.

The effort is part of a $50 million national campaign by the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America, the grassroots organization that President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign inspired, targeting 15 million first-time voters nationwide."
Wisconsin a key battleground in midterm elections | | Appleton Post Crescent

How many dead people voted in 2008? How many people voted more then once in 2008?
"The guts of our campaign is to make sure we're running on an expanded electorate," said Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine in a recent interview. "In Wisconsin and in every state, we'll be spending a lot of time not only going after traditional voters, but also the surge voters, Democrats who voted for the first time in '08."

Looks like Wisconsin cemeteries will be busy along with all the voters that voted two, three, four times or more in Wisconsin. Can you imagine them walking through a cemetery counting fresh grave sights and taking names. Don't put it past them.

You got to love those democrats. They're creative.

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