Friday, June 25, 2010

Screw The Wisconsin Property Tax Payers Again

From the Green Bay Press.

The State Superintendent Tony Evers, some local superintendents and the teachers and their union are out to SCREW the property tax payers of Wisconsin.
"Rewrite of Wisconsin school aid formula proposed
$900 million in property tax credits would instead go to schools

By SCOTT BAUER • The Associated Press • June 25, 2010 "
Rewrite of Wisconsin school aid formula proposed | | Green Bay Press Gazette

MADISON — Wisconsin education leaders on Thursday praised a proposed dramatic reworking of how schools are funded that would do away with $900 million in property tax credits for homeowners and instead give the money directly to schools.

So just "do away with $900 million in property tax credits for homeowners." SCREW EM!
The plan unveiled by state Superintendent Tony Evers is missing many key details that would allow individual districts to know if they'd be better or worse off than they are now. Evers said that omission was by design. The goal, he said, was to start a conversation with interested parties, including candidates for office, before a final plan is put before the Legislature next year.

Not all details are available but "trust us."
"We need to reform our school funding system to be fair, sustainable and transparent," Evers said at a news conference with education leaders standing behind him. "We must strive to do better for our public schools."

Keith Lucius, assistant superintendent for the Ashwaubenon School District, supports the movement.

The current funding setup is a "very unequal way to distribute funding," he said. "The bottom line is, this is zero cost in state dollars. It's not like schools are asking for more money. This just changes the way it's distributed."

Can you believe this guy. Tax payers lose a tax credit and and it's a zero lose for the state! It's not like schools are asking for more money",what is this guy talking about.
Representatives from the state's largest teachers union, Wisconsin Education Association Council, and groups representing school boards and administrators showed their support for the proposal by attending the news conference.

Of course the teachers and their pals back this. And they say they are for the children. How many teachers the last two years took a salary freeze, how many are contributing to their health care and retirement? SCREW EM!

The teachers won't say it to the parents face, might say it to the students in school. Basically, screw your parents and give us their money. SCREW EM!

Why do they try to pull this crap? Because their liberal democrats and they think they can. SCREW EM!

We need real leadership in Madison and it starts with the election in November. We need change in Madison. The voters of Wisconsin need to teach a lesson to the teachers and their union, and it's not going to be pretty.

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