Thursday, March 04, 2010

Will Kagen Listen To The Appleton P C ?

Looks like the Appleton PC is telling Congressman Steve Kagen what to do with Charlie Rangel's money. Come on, it's only $21,000! But no, Steve Kagen is an ethical person.
From the Appleton Post Crescent.

"Kagen said Wednesday he has no intention of returning the money. But, if only from a public relations standpoint, it makes more sense for him to get rid of it, rather than continue to have this be a point of attack."
Editorial: Money's not worth hassle for Kagen | | Appleton Post-Crescent

Good try PC, save his REAR END with a pr ploy. But really, Kagen has to keep the money. He will need every dollar he has in the upcoming election. On second thought, he can retire and keep the money in his own pocket. There you go Steve, that's a GREAT idea, DROP OUT OF THE RACE and go take care of your patients.

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