Friday, March 05, 2010

Big News In Green Bay

This is bigger and better news for Green Bay then buying a Zippo roller coaster for 3 million dollars.
From the Green Bay Press
"Actor Harrison Ford had dinner Wednesday night in downtown Green Bay, where he dropped in unannounced at the Republic Chophouse, 218 N. Adams St."
Harrison Ford drops by Republic Chophouse | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Maybe Ford was in town to be a part of the renaming ceremony for the Roller coaster. My thought is Green Bay and Schmidt must be out of his mind to spend 3 mil on a roller coaster? Is Green Bay running a surplus on their budgets?


Dad29 said...

WTF was he doing in GREEN BAY in the middle of winter?

Paul - Berry Laker said...

You got me. He must of wanted to meet somebody.

Have a GREAT weekend.