Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Northeastern Wisconsin Vet's, Why University Ave

Something smells on Green Bay's East side. From the Green Bay Press Gazzette.
"New veterans outpatient clinic will be built on University Avenue in Green Bay
By Tony Walter • December 2, 2009
It's good to see our vet's getting some help when it comes to more accessible health care but I have a few questions for Congressman Kagen. It's only fair that someone asks some questions for the sake of the Veterans of this state. Map of East Green Bay.
The new 160,000-square-foot veterans outpatient clinic will be built on private property at 2800 University Avenue in Green Bay.
One, why University Avenue? Why not East Mason east of I 43? Why not off of Packerland Drive? Why not the west side of Green Bay? Why not Little Chute along HWY 41? How about Appleton? If you look at the 8th district, the heavy population areas are the Fox Valley. Who made the decision? Doesn't it seem odd they are building off of University?

Second, who owns the private land on University? Did Tony from the G B Press look into this? With the inflated numbers on stimulus jobs, the fraud in global warming, ACCORN, bank bailouts, GM takeover, health care, cap and tax, is it fair to ask a little bit more then a press release from the VA Adminastration? Is this just Kagen's photo op for his re election bid? Is this or will this be a pay back for campaign donations? Can you blame me for being cynical?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs today notified Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, that construction will probably begin in the fall of 2010.

“This is a tremendous step forward for our veterans who will soon be able to receive the service they deserve,” Kagen told the Green Bay Press-Gazette today.

He said the clinic is expected to serve approximately 15,000 veterans and employ between 150-210 people.
Will it really be able to care for 15,000 vets?  Will there be 150 to 210 people employeed ?
The two-story clinic is expected to be only the second surgical center of its type in the nation. An on-site parking lot will accommodate 1,200 vehicles.
1200 vehicles to one parking lot, that's a lot of traffic off of University!
VA officials visited Brown County this year to look at several potential sites."
New veterans outpatient clinic will be built on University Avenue in Green Bay | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Who did the VA officials talk to and how many sites did they look at?

Follow the money and see where it leads you. I am not making any accusations but seems very odd of the site and no other information for a follow up.

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