Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wisconsin Democrats Busy At John Doe Hearing, Coupon Watch

Watching Wisconsin Eye on the John Doe tabling of Democratic amendments, we see how hard Wisconsin democrats are working against t.

While Sen. Lena Taylor is speaking, looks like Sen. Tim Carpenter is looking through coupons from his Sunday paper or this weeks ads from a local Target, Walmart or Farm and Fleet.

If you go back to Wisconsin Eye, Sen. Taylor is speaking at 3:15 pm, you can see Carpenter page through some adds and not focusing on the business his constituents sent him there to perform.

Link to Wiscosnin Eye

The hearing is just a scam by Wisconsin democrats. We don't understand how republicans are letting this sham pass. If the shoe was on the other foot, would democrats let republicans speak? Taylor, Carpenter, Lassa and Fred Risser would tell them , you lost, so sad, too bad!

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